The Team

The Team

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Our day started with a quick 2 hour Old Town Trolley Tour around Washington DC, as we were scheduled to meet with the Morgan Car Club of DC at around 1 PM. 

The White House
Archives of the US 
The US Capitol 
Toward Arlington National Cemetery
When we went by the stop for the Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial where we planned to get off and wander about there was a blockade, so we were unable to see these Memorials. 
Washington Memorial
We met with some members of the DC Morgan Club at the  Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center Air & Space Museum near Dulles Airport where the DC Club was  kind enough to pay for our parking.
Susan (DC)  and Elaine (MOA) by Gene
Morgans in Museum Parking Lot

Many of us went on the guided tour of the Space Hangar, where our guide was a very knowledgable self described "space geek". I think this was the most fascinating museum I have ever visited.
Our excellent guide by Apollo 15 Spacesuit
Apollo Ocean Landing Capsule
Space Shuttle Discovery- 30 missions
It is HUGE
Shuttle Main Engines
Mobile Quarantine station- Astronauts who walked on moon stayed here for 2 weeks after moon return
Tracking and data Relay Satellite (model) 
We only had a few minutes left to visit the remaining of the huge museum, as we were to meet the club members at a Pub around 4:30 PM. 
Smallest flying airplane (and it was tiny)
Blackbird by Gene

We all headed over to Ned's Irish Sports Pub in Herndon VA, where we enjoyed meeting up with many new and prior MOA Morganeers. Appetizers and a special cake were provided, as well as a drawing where each of us received a "prize". 

?? (sorry), Gene and Barry
Ed, Allan, 
Jen and Gail
Stan, Susan, Gail, Fiona
The Boys
Big Al

Ed did the drawing - Thanks Ed
Elaine won a poster
Fiona won a flashlight
Gene won a flashlight
Grant won a flashlight
Harvey won a flashlight
Jen won a flashlight
Jim won a "model"
Philip won a patch
Sue won a poster
Steve won  
Tony wins a poster
And we thanked Susan for all her work in organizing today's event.
Susan and Elaine by Gene

Upon return to the Hotel, it was reported that Steve's room had been flooded. The hotel provided him with a fruit plate that he brought to the lobby and it was quickly consumed by MOAer's.
Fruit plate by Gene

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