The Team

The Team

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Our day started with a quick 2 hour Old Town Trolley Tour around Washington DC, as we were scheduled to meet with the Morgan Car Club of DC at around 1 PM. 

The White House
Archives of the US 
The US Capitol 
Toward Arlington National Cemetery
When we went by the stop for the Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial where we planned to get off and wander about there was a blockade, so we were unable to see these Memorials. 
Washington Memorial
We met with some members of the DC Morgan Club at the  Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center Air & Space Museum near Dulles Airport where the DC Club was  kind enough to pay for our parking.
Susan (DC)  and Elaine (MOA) by Gene
Morgans in Museum Parking Lot

Many of us went on the guided tour of the Space Hangar, where our guide was a very knowledgable self described "space geek". I think this was the most fascinating museum I have ever visited.
Our excellent guide by Apollo 15 Spacesuit
Apollo Ocean Landing Capsule
Space Shuttle Discovery- 30 missions
It is HUGE
Shuttle Main Engines
Mobile Quarantine station- Astronauts who walked on moon stayed here for 2 weeks after moon return
Tracking and data Relay Satellite (model) 
We only had a few minutes left to visit the remaining of the huge museum, as we were to meet the club members at a Pub around 4:30 PM. 
Smallest flying airplane (and it was tiny)
Blackbird by Gene

We all headed over to Ned's Irish Sports Pub in Herndon VA, where we enjoyed meeting up with many new and prior MOA Morganeers. Appetizers and a special cake were provided, as well as a drawing where each of us received a "prize". 

?? (sorry), Gene and Barry
Ed, Allan, 
Jen and Gail
Stan, Susan, Gail, Fiona
The Boys
Big Al

Ed did the drawing - Thanks Ed
Elaine won a poster
Fiona won a flashlight
Gene won a flashlight
Grant won a flashlight
Harvey won a flashlight
Jen won a flashlight
Jim won a "model"
Philip won a patch
Sue won a poster
Steve won  
Tony wins a poster
And we thanked Susan for all her work in organizing today's event.
Susan and Elaine by Gene

Upon return to the Hotel, it was reported that Steve's room had been flooded. The hotel provided him with a fruit plate that he brought to the lobby and it was quickly consumed by MOAer's.
Fruit plate by Gene

Thursday, November 5, 2015

DAY 18- Cape Breton and The Cabot Trail

Here is the article and photos by Colin and Callie for Day 18, a beautiful day in Nova Scotia. 
(Sorry, I have been unable to get consistency in the size of the font)
My additions are below this article. 

We woke to at dawn to a beautiful sunrise over the Bras D’Or Lake at Baddeck.  

Sitting in bed with a cup of coffee admiring the view of said lake from our room, and going over the scenic drive around Cape Breton Island and the Cabot trail, we decided to do this circular route anti-clockwise, on purpose this time, going up the East coast first to take advantage of the morning light.  This would add about 20 miles to the 200-mile drive but on such a beautiful day it would be worth it.

This will remain one of our best drives.  Although cold and blowing hard we had brilliant sunshine and crystal clear blue skies to drive on this rugged and beautiful Atlantic coastline - so lots of stops to take photos.

Having started early we were ready for an early lunch, but were too early for Elaine's recommendation of the Seagull restaurant at Ingonish. Incidentally we have used many of Elaine's recommendations, they have all been good, and in addition given us a useful address to put into the sat nav!

A local pulled up along side us while we were deciding what to do next and recommend The Chowder House at Neil's Harbour, but wouldn't let us go before he had told a joke: Vis

What's the difference between a Scotsman and a canoe?

Scotsmen don't tip.

Oh how we laughed!

The Chowder house is a shack on a rocky promontory just beyond Neil's harbour lighthouse, one of the many iconic red and white lighthouses of Nova Scotia.

It's Sunday in Nova Scotia so lunch is a huge lobster sandwich and a bowl of mussels.

At all the little ports and harbours the lobster fishing boats were in and harbour sides stacked high with pristine lobster pots ready for the start of the season which begins in the first week of November.

Before dawn on the first day of the season there is a stampede out to sea and family and friends gather to watch over this charge and shine their car headlights onto the departing boats.

We continued on the Cabot trail rising up into the Highlands through forested slopes and above the trees to enjoy the most amazing views of the azure blue Atlantic Ocean.  There are whales out there and we fancied we saw their tell tale spouts but it was probably just wishful thinking.

A small detour was taken to the most northerly bay of Cape Breton, St Lawrence Bay.  No one there, just us and Cormorants. The next stop across the sea is Newfoundland.

Descending from the Highlands with their amazing views to the West coast, but for us no more stops as we needed to get a move on to get to that tonight's destination in Sydney in time for supper and a glass of wine.

Simple words are not enough to express our thanks to Ken and to Elaine for this extraordinary journey through scenery, geography and history in our wonderful Morgans and with a smashing group of wonderful people. 

Thank you Elaine, Thank you Ken, and our thank to everyone for the company, support & the fun!

Elaine's addition:

We headed out to the Cabot trail in the clockwise direction as recommended by tour literature, not by photographers like Colin who understand lighting. 

Before reaching the Cape Breton National Park, we went through the town of Cheticamp.
Church in Cheticamp
Much of the Cabot Trail is in the Cape Breton National Park, which requires an admission fee. 
Entering the National Park by Ellen Jo
Following Elaine and Phil by Ellen Jo

Beautiful scenery
Skies were also beautiful
We pulled off the road to check out a lagoon, and camp upon these Harley Riders. Of course we had a nice chat with them. 
Lagoon and Harley's.
And we too stopped at the Chowder House for lunch. It was a very busy place, and we almost left, but Ellen Jo manage to get us a table quite quickly. 

Jim, Elaine and Philip- photo by Ellen Jo
It is a very photogenic spot, so we too have similar photos as Colins.
Sea Gulls 

Elaine's Lighthouse Photo
Elaine's Lobster Traps
Our Aero 8

The day ended at Sydney, NS. after another beautiful drive.